We are dedicated IT professionals involved with numerous IT organizations. We are founders or partners of PHP SerbiaLaravel Serbia, IT Girls, Agilizing, Agile Coaching Serbia, IT Serbia Podcast, In the previous five years, we have organized six well-known conferences with more than 3000 participants. One of the programming communities we are most proud of is PHP Serbia, with more than 5000 active members.

Why GrowIT?

When we first established PHP Serbia community six years ago, IT community didn’t exist in the form it exists today. We were just a couple of enthusiasts who were gathering together from time to time, exchanging ideas and giving suggestions about how to develop the business and build IT community. Places where like-minded people were gathering were forums, messengers, Skype and other social networks and only a few organizations were communicating with its members through offline community.

This is when our story started developing. We decided to move our online community into the offline mode and we established PHP Serbia community, with a mission to make Serbia become a recognizable country that brings together experts from the programming world.

A great evidence of being successful in turning plans into actions is having Mr. Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of PHP programming language as our guest and main lecturer on PHP Serbia Conference 2017.

Since our idea was to bring different programming languages experts (other than PHP experts) to our country, we created GrowIT organization. Our main goal is to provide our community with great and innovative IT knowledge and spread that knowledge even further.

Our another active programming community is Laravel Serbia. It is a community made for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and business owners interested in creating useful applications by using Laravel framework. The community gathers more than 700 enthusiasts.

IT Girls has a goal to motivate and educate women who are looking for jobs or working in ICT sector. IT Girls is in charge of organizing series of projects and support programmes for the female population, in order to determine why is there a smaller number of women involved with IT, compared to men. The goal is to popularize this type of business among adolescents and to encourage women to become professionals in IT industry. We have over 1500 members.

Agilizing is the blog created in order to promote the story about an Agile way of project management and to educate the community about this topic. Considering the fact there are not relevant educational sources about agile way of dealing with business in Serbia, we created the only platform which is offering people a possibility to educate themselves about this topic. Today, this blog has over ten active authors and editors who write articles about motivation, Kaizen, Agile and Lean.

Agilizing is also an official blog of the biggest and only Agile Coaching Community in Serbia. The community puts big efforts to present and deliver the knowledge to the community in the best possible way. It has almost 1000 members and 17 successfully organized meetups so far.

IT Serbia Podcast is aiming to promote the IT industry in Balkan by engaging experts from broad IT community. It consists of podcast episodes managed by three hosts talking with huge number of IT experts worldwide.

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